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Tuweep Campground

Statistics Elevation
May - Oct.
Days Limit
Trailer Limit
<22' Total
GPS Location
36° 12' 52.45"N
113° 03' 21.13"W 
Amenities Potable Water
Waste Disposal
Store Nearby
Fredonia 70mi.
Campsite Grills
Campsite Tables
Fire Rings
Utility Hookups
928 638-7875
No Fires/Coal
Fishing Supplies
Gas & Propane
Visitor Center
Pipe Springs
Fish Species Rainbow Trout
Cutthroat Trout
Brook Trout
Brown Trout
Apache Trout
Yellow Bass
Flathead Catfish
Yellow Perch
Redear Sunfish
Green Sunfish
Northern Pike
Channel Catfish
Smallmouth Bass
Largemouth Bass
Striped Bass
White Bass
Arctic Grayling
Fly and Lure Only
Body of Water Depth
Catch and Release Areas
Boats Allowed
Motor Limit
Boat Rentals



If you enjoy campgrounds that are secluded, Tuweep Campground is just for you. This might be one of the most secluded campgrounds in the country. Tuweep is approx. 140 miles west of North Rim and 70 miles southwest of Fredonia. Just being secluded isn't the reason you come to Tuweep campground, it is the views! Nearby Toroweap overlook sits at the top of a 3000 foot drop into the Grand Canyon.

You will need a backcountry permit to camp overnight. Permits are not available at the campground, you must get one before you go. Backcountry permits can be obtained at;

Camping is prohibited on the land adjacent to the park and the airstrip. Horses and mules are prohibited.

There are nine small group campsites for up to six people in each site and up to two vehicles. There is one large group campsite for seven to 11 people and a maximum of four vehicles.

Things you need to know before going

- A high clearance vehicle is required
- The day use are is open from sunrise to 30 minutes past sunset
- camping requires a permit; permitted campers must arrive by sunset
- vehicle numbers are limited, carpool
- Pets must be leashed and are restricted to open roads and the campground.
- Pack out all trash; there is no water


- Vehicles and vehicle combinations longer than 22 feet are prohibited - this is the total length from end to end, including anything towed.
- Off-road vehicles, ATV's, side-by-sides and dirt bikes not displaying highway license plates are illegal; stickers and non-highway plates are not valid. Proof of highway insurance required
- Fires and charcoal grills are prohibited
- No hunting or collecting

Parking is available for non-high clearnce vehicles approximately 1.5 miles before the campground. High clearance vehicles are required beyond this point.

The last few miles can get pretty slick when it gets wet, so if it is raining, be extra careful. Bring an air compressor, tire plugs and a jack. Tow service is not always available and can cost from $1000 to $2000 if you can get one to come out.

When traveling to Toroweap Point, Make sure you fill up on gas and supplies, because it is a long, long way back to civilization. There is a ranger station just north of the campground that has emergency water. Whatever you do don't forget to bring your camera. Bring emergency gear and water.


Trail markers in the are are marked with cairns (stacks of rocks). Shade and water are not available. Walk only on trails, roads and washes. All trails are closed to pets, bicycles and vehicles.

Tuckup Trail: Experience Tuweep’s unique geology on this six-mile (10 km) roundtrip trail. There are two access points: the first is signed before arriving at Tuweep Campground and
the second leaves from campsite 10.

Saddle Horse Loop Trail: This 45-minute loop offers spectacular views of the Colorado River. Access the trail along the road between Toroweap Overlook and Tuweep Campground or from a trailhead near campsite 5.

For those looking for a tough hike, look no farther than the Lava Falls Trail. The Lava Falls Trail is the shortest one way trip (and a 3000 foot drop) to the rivers edge in the entire National Park. It is not easy either. On the hike you must watch out for sliding lava rock, rattlesnakes and scorpions. Oh, did I mention there is no water along the way. Once at the bottom, you can witness the roughest whitewater rapids on the river. River guides commonly rate Lava Falls rapids at a 10+ on a scale from 1 - 10.


Access the three main routes to Tuweep from AZ 389 between Fredonia, Arizona, and St.George, Utah. Allow two to three hours driving time. Bring the BLM Arizona Strip Visitor Map, and do not rely solely on your GPS unit. Muddy conditions exist during summer monsoons and from winter precipitation.

Sunshine Route: County Road #109, the most reliable route, leaves AZ 389 eight miles (13 km) west of Fredonia or six miles (10 km) east of Pipe Spring National Monument. This 61-mile (98 km) road features sharp rocks, washboarding, and dust. Please do not stop on tribal land when traveling this route.

Clayhole Route: County Road #5 leaves AZ 389 at Colorado City, Arizona. It is 56 miles (90 km)
long and impassable when wet.

Main Street Route: BLM Road #1069 and County Road #5 from St. George is 90 miles (145 km) long. This scenic route is impassable in winter due to snow and mud.

Tuweep Airstrip: Closed.


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