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Havasupai (Grand Canyon)

Havasupai Campground isn't for the average camper. You have got to want to go there. And it's a hike! Easier than the trails into the grand canyon, Havasupai is an 11 mile hike from the trailhead to some of the most impressive series of waterfalls in the United States.

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Toroweap Point (Grand Canyon)

If you enjoy campgrounds that are secluded, Toroweap Point Campground is just for you. This might be one of the most secluded campgrounds in the country. Toroweap is approx. 140 miles west of North Rim and 80 miles southwest of Fredonia. Just being secluded isn't the reason you come to Toroweap Point, it is the views!

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Manzanita (Oak Creek - Sedona)

Manzanita Campground is located just south of Slide Rock State Park in scenic Oak Creek Canyon. The campground is located right on Oak Creek. 19 campsites are small and some are now reservable. Come early and during the weekdays to have a chance at one of these prime campsites. The camp area is so small that there no room for RV's. Only one vehicle is allowed per site.

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FR 9350 (Mogollon Rim - Near Woods Canyon Lake)

FR 9350 is a dispersed campground that sits right on the edge on the Mogollon Rim. The town of Christopher Creek is directly below the campground. Several of the campsites are within a few feet of the edge, so choose your site wisely. The road into the campground splits campground with half the campsites near the rim and half the campsites away from the rim. if you have kids, I would suggest a campsite on the right side which is most likely 100 yards or so from the rim

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Primitive Campground Mitten View (Northeast Arizona)

Unfortunately, the old Mitten View campground has been closed and a new hotel is in it's place. However, the Navajo Parks and recreation has a primitive first come first served campground just north of the visitor center.

Just east of the campground is the most photographed of the formations in Monument Valley, West Mitten Butte, East Mitten Butte and Merrick Butte. Mitten View Campground is just over a mile south of the Utah border.

This Campground is scheduled to be closed until June 2013


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Spillway (Mogollon Rim - Woods Canyon Lake)

Woods Canyon Lake, the most popular camping area in the entire state, has much to offer. Virtually every amenity is either available on site or within a few miles. The Spillway Campground set just above the lake and has 26 campsites all very closely knit. This campground is by reservation only. The campground is well shaded by ponderosa pine, oak, aspen and douglas firs.

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Lockett Meadow (Flagstaff)

This small primitive campground offers views of the San Francisco Peaks and camping opportunities in the cool aspen trees that surround Lockett Meadow. This is a terrific campground for those who cherish a real mountain camping experience and love to hike Wilderness trails.

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Coshise Stronghold (Dragoon Mountains - Southern Arizona)

This campground is located in a magnificent, rugged canyon that served the famous Apache Indian leader, Cochise, as a refuge against his enemies. As you enter the East Stronghold Canyon, you pass in the shadow of rocks that quite likely served the Apache warrior as perches for his lookouts. The haunting shapes into which the forces of nature have carved those rocks helps make a visit to this charismatic place an unforgettable experience.

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North Rim (Grand Canyon)

North Rim Campground is convieniently located just south of the North Kaibab Trail, one of the most widely used trails in the Grand Canyon. The campground sits right on the north rim and campsites can be reserved as much as five months in advance. There is even an option to reserve premium sites.

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